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Falken presents new summer tyres for light trucks and vans

Falken has expanded its product range by adding the Linam Van01, a summer tyre tailored for light trucks and vans. The Linam Van01 offers significantly improved service life, enhanced safety and outstanding performance on wet and uneven road surfaces.

The optimised tread pattern, with large central sipes and a wide, flat profile, provides even pressure distribution throughout the footprint area. This boosts grip, improves braking performance and driving stability, and enhances wear life. The sidewalls incorporate optimally positioned reinforcements, which deliver additional durability and help to prevent damage from kerb contact and poor road surfaces. With these great new features, the Linam Van01 offers 15 per cent longer service life compared to its predecessor.

True Circular Design

The innovative new casing design ensures sidewall contours remain evenly circular, even at high speeds. It also reduces vibration, enhancing driver comfort and ensuring smooth driving and shorter braking distances.

The Linam Van01 and Falken’s winter van tyre, the Eurowinter Van01, both utilised the company’s pioneering 4D Nano Design technology. This innovative rubber compound is designed to deliver maximum grip and improved rolling resistance. As a result, the Falken Linam Van01 offers 16 per cent better rolling resistance compared to its predecessor.

The new Linam Van01 will be available in spring 2017 in 21 sizes, spanning rim diameters of 14–16 inches, an aspect ratio of 60–82 and will come with speed ratings of R, S, T and H.