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CECRA endorses EU plan to ease the access to vehicle data

CECRA, the European Council for Motor Trades and Repairs has welcomed the European Commission’s Communication on Europe’s data economy adopted on January 10 which promises to “improve access to anonymous machine-generated data” and “minimise lock-in effects”.
Motor dealers and repairers are particularly satisfied with the content and the timeliness of the European Commission’s initiative. Over the last few months – along with a large number of other stakeholders (consumers, leasing companies, aftermarket distributors, etc.) CECRA has
been calling for an equal access to vehicle data that would allow the rise of a wide range of new services based on the capability of vehicles to generate data (i.e. remote diagnostics, predictive maintenance, usage-based insurances etc.).

Ensuring safety and security is crucial for the deployment of connected vehicles and CECRA believes that an ‘in-vehicle interoperable, standardised, secure and open-access platform’ is the right way forward. This solution would ensure the highest level of safety, security, liability and data protection whilst safeguarding competition, innovation and consumer’s freedom of choice, CECRA says.
“Time is mature to unlock the big economic potential that lies in the development of data-enabled services for connected-vehicles. Monopoly on vehicle data is a serious threat to competition and consumer’s freedom of choice. As European Motor Dealers and Repairers, we are investing heavily in order to meet the ever increasing expectations of our customers. Nevertheless, without an equal access to vehicle data we will hardly reach the necessary level of innovation,” says Jean-Charles Herrenschmidt,CECRA, President.