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Beta’s 1498/12 portable car starter gets you going

At any time of the year, your car can let you down when you least expect it. Particularly during the winter when it’s cold and dark you rely on your garage or recovery service to get you going again as soon as possible.

A portable car starter is an essential part of any winter tool kit for both garages and recovery services and the Beta 1498 charger,available in 12 and 24v models fits the bill perfectly. Both deliver a powerful charge to restart cars or light commercial vehicles and get you underway again.

The on-board storage means that the user will not have to spend time hunting for the right cable – they are always close to hand saving time which can be crucial with today’s modern computer controlled vehicles. A shoulder strap is also included making the unit highly portable and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

The 1498/12 can also be an essential tool for all those who replace automobile batteries. Most of today’s modern vehicles have some form of memory fitted electronic device such as radios, clocks, computers etc. The 1498/12 can be plugged in to the lighter socket to preserve valuable information.

The Beta 1498/12 car starter is available now from J&S Automotive, contact them now for prices and availability.