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Goodyear introduces High Load version of fuel frugal tyre

goodyear_fuelmax_t_high_load_385-65-r225_m-copyGoodyear is introducing a High Load version to its fuel-frugal FUELMAX T range of trailer tyres with EU tyre label ‘A’-grading in fuel efficiency.

The new Goodyear FUELMAX T HL 385/65R22.5 tyre is engineered for axle loads of up to 10 tonnes, to meet the increasing demand for such tyres as more and more European countries adopt higher vehicle weights.

Almost 80% of European countries have now extended regulations to permit axle weights in excess of the so far standard 40 tonnes on five-axle articulated vehicles.  There are now 32 countries in the region that allow total weights in excess of 44 tonnes even.  The new tyre has been developed to meet fleets operators’ demands for high load trailer tyres capable of enabling total weights in excess of 40 tonnes.

The new High Load version of the 385/65R22.5 FUELMAX T trailer tyre features FUELMAX Technology, which gives the tyre the most economical ‘A’ EU tyre label grade in fuel consumption.  The tyre’s launch follows the successful introduction of the High Load version of the KMAX T trailer tyre, which is optimized to deliver high mileage.

The carcass of the FUELMAX T HL 385/65R22.5 is engineered for axle loads up to 10 tonnes giving it a load/speed index of 164K/158L.  This not only provides the higher load capacity but also high levels of robustness. A further advantage of the new FUELMAX T HL size is that it carries the M+S designation, fulfilling truck winter tyre requirements across Europe.

The introduction of the FUELMAX T HL means that Goodyear now offers in total three FUELMAX T trailer tyres boasting the coveted ‘A’ label grade in fuel efficiency.  These comprise the new Goodyear FUELMAX T HL 385/65R22.5, the FUELMAX T 385/55R22.5 and the FUELMAX T 435/50R19.5.  The new Goodyear FUELMAX T HL 385/65R22.5 with ‘A’ label grade in fuel efficiency, ‘C’ label grade in wet grip, 69 dB and one wave for external noise is available now.