Lighting leaders launch two new families of LED Inspection Lamps

Ring Inspection Lamps have long been a favourite of many mechanics and motoring enthusiasts up and down the country. As one of the first companies to bring LED technology to Inspection Lamps, Ring is synonymous with innovation, using the latest technology to develop workshop tools, which can be relied upon for being both durable and efficient.

ring-lampShining a light on the needs of the mechanic, Ring has grouped its lamps into two distinctive collections. The Mag Flex and Ergo ranges have both been developed to include the latest innovations in LED technology. In line with market demand they offer ‘hands free’ operation to assist with a multitude of tasks.


The MAGFlex range, (MAGFlex, MAGFlex Twist and MAGFlex UV) is ultimately designed for hands free usage, providing the ability to position light where it is required without any fuss. The MAGFlex collection are essential tools, which provide the user with a consistent and flexible light source for working in any environment.

New to the range is the MAGFlex Twist. It features a strong and robust polycarbonate and ABS construction, as well as a positioning mechanism which allows the lamp to rotate 360 degrees as well as 180 degree ratcheting.

The MAGFlex UV replaces the existing Ring inspection lamp the RIL3100 and now uses new Strip LED technology to provide a light output of 440 lumens. This is the best light output yet from a Ring Inspection Lamp, which when combined with an optical lens provides the ultimate wide angle illumination to make working in poorly lit environments easy.