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RHA to play key role in solving Calais crisis

The Road Haulage Association has been asked to come up with a solution to end the deteriorating security situation in the Calais area.
At a meeting in the town on Friday, the region’s President Xavier Bertrand asked RHA chief executive Richard Burnett to work with French hauliers on a plan of action – to be completed within ten days.
Commenting, Mr Burnett said ” This was a really positive meeting and we are moving in the right direction. We were again given an assurance that the Migrant camp – the so/called Jungle- will be dismantled by the end of the year.  We need to finalise the details in terms of an action plan to take back to the French government. We are determined to ensure the Calais crossing is safe for hauliers to use and that truckers are protected from the daily threats of violence and intimidation that they currently face.”
There have been growing numbers of violent incidents directed at Lorry drivers and other motorists heading for the UK.  Earlier this week, the UK government announced that it was funding a 4 metre high wall running for a kilometre in an attempt to improve security.  The RHA criticised the move as a poor use of taxpayers money which would only move the problem somewhere else, not solve it.
Today’s meeting brought together A number of interested parties and the RHA was the only hauliers organisation represented.
Richard Burnett said: “I am more hopeful than ever that a way can now be found to restore law and order to the Calais area and it’s an honour to be asked to play a part in that. There is a lot of hard work to do to make this work but as an association it’s vital we ensure the safety of our members at this critical time”