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Osram unveils three headlight bulbs at Automechanika

Osram unveiled three headlight bulbs that offer even better performance and longer life at Automechanika Frankfurt recently.

With its new Night Breaker Laser halogen upgrade bulbs, its redesigned halogen Ultra Life and new Xenarc Ultra Life ranges Osram showcased several new products for the replacement parts market at this year’s Automechanika fair. “These products underline our pioneering role as a leading manufacturer in the automotive lighting sector and show that we are continuing to invest in the important replacement parts market and in traditional technologies”, said Terje Noevig, Head of Automotive Aftermarket at Osram, emphasizing the significance of the innovative bulbs that were on display at Automechanika in Frankfurt.


Night Breaker Laser

Thanks to a combination of innovative design and state-of-the-art technology the Night Breaker Laser range delivers a particularly high light output and enhances Osram’s halogen Performance portfolio. A process known as ‘laser ablation’ is used during the manufacturing process to create an extremely precise window in the glass of the bulb which helps to create the extended light beam. This, together with the exact placement of the holder and filament and a high-quality xenon gas filling, ensures maximum light output. Compared to standard halogen bulbs the Night Breaker Laser range provides up to 130 percent more light which is also up to 20 percent whiter. A light beam that is up to 40 metres longer provides even better visibility on the road ahead. The silver tip and the engraved lettering ‘Night Breaker’ on the glass of the bulb add to the unique design of the new upgrade product. Like all the products in the Performance range, Night Breaker Laser is available now in retail outlets in a distinctive red packaging, making it easy for customers to find the right Osram product for them. They are available in H4 and H7 ECE types only.


Halogen Ultra Life

Whether you’re driving in town or on the freeway, whether you’re making a short journey or a long trip, you can now save money and valuable time thanks to the extremely long life
of the redesigned Ultra Life range of halogen bulbs from Osram. Following their redesign, Ultra Life headlight bulbs now last up to four times longer than standard halogen bulbs and offer optimum light on the road, mile after mile, up to 62,000 miles in fact. With their decorative silver tip the bulbs are ideal for use in clear-glass headlights and are available in H1, H4, H7 and H11 ECE types. The Ultra Life range in the green packaging of the Comfort range comes with an Osram guarantee of four years.

Xenarc Ultra Life

The new Xenarc Ultra Life range also offers exceptional durability. Like the halogen headlight bulbs in the Ultra Life series, this new xenon (HID) version will last up to four times longer than a standard xenon bulb. Vehicles can therefore cover up to 186,000 miles before they need replacing. This saves money on replacements, reduces the amount of waste and is therefore kind to the environment. Long-lasting Xenarc Ultra Life technology is now available for the first time for xenon headlights bulbs in the form of the D1S, D2S, D3S and D4S ECE types. They come with a unique Osram guarantee of ten years.