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New Sealey E/Start 800 Jump Stater

sealey-e-start800_actSealey’s E/Start 600 has proved so popular, that the company has now introduced the E/Start800 which provides a greater power output.

The ElectroStart® is very different to any standard battery operated Jump Starter currently on the market, whether it be a conventional lead acid battery or the lithium type which has been available in more recent years.

The main difference is that the ElectroStart® does not have a battery inside. Instead, it runs with ultracapacitors (also known as supercapacitors or supercaps), and some clever patented electronics which maximise a discharged battery’s voltage.

Thanks to its clever patented technology, the E/Start 800 requires just 5 volts to jump start a vehicle. Simply connect it to the vehicle’s discharged battery and the unit will display the battery’s existing voltage. It then draws power from it and energises itself fully within two minutes before pushing full power safely back through the starting system, jump starting the vehicle!

The ElectroStart® delivers 400A of starting power, enough to start up to a 3 litre petrol vehicle or a 2 litre diesel vehicle. The unit also incorporates a ‘glow’ feature making it suitable for starting diesel vehicles in cold weather.

If the discharged battery is holding less than 5 volts, the ElectroStart® can be pre-charged by connecting it to any healthy 12V battery from another vehicle, or via the supplied USB charging cable or 12V accessory lead.

Not having a battery inside gives the E/Start 800 notable advantages:

• It weighs only 1.5kgs compared to conventional Jump Packs which weigh 10kgs or more.
• It is small enough to fit in your glove box.
• It has an impressive life cycle of 10 years plus, without any maintenance.
• It does not have to be kept ‘charged up’ in order to be ready to use.

Take a look at the demonstration video on Sealey’s youtube channel, or on the E/Start 800 product page of their website.