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Honeywell showcases replacement turbocharger range

Honeywell Transportation Systems and its Honeywell Garrett aftermarket brand showcased its industry-leading portfolio of replacement turbochargers at Automechanika Frankfurt 2016 and invited industry professionals to learn more about the documented benefits of using original equipment quality replacement parts.
turbocharger-aftermarket-garrett-by-honeywellHoneywell, represented in Ireland by Assured Performance, announced the results in June of a study it commissioned that indicates replacement turbos built to the original specifications of the factory-installed part they replace have significantly better performance, CO2 and NOX emissions than non-original copies. Areas affected included significant discrepancies in low-end torque, NOx and CO2 emissions.

The study follows statements made by regulatory agencies in Germany, Spain and Italy supporting the inclusion of turbochargers among automotive components that are type-approval relevant. These statements have confirmed the role of the turbocharger as significant as it helps the vehicle achieve environmental targets set by regulators. This is an important consideration for garages and installers as they advise their customers because using parts which are not certified may create warranty issues for themselves or lead to fines or loss of driving privileges for their customers.

To help distributors better understand this issue, Honeywell Garrett has developed its “Why Risk It?” advertising campaign urging garages and mechanics to ensure that they use the high quality original equipment quality turbochargers instead of copies, repaired turbos with copy components or counterfeit which run the risk of poor performance, higher fuel consumption, and increased emissions.

The Honeywell Garrett portfolio of replacement turbochargers covers gasoline and diesel passenger vehicles – including numerous advanced two stage and variable geometry applications – commercial vehicles, high-performance turbo upgrades and also remanufactured replacement turbos manufactured and tested to the same standards as new turbos for those seeking a less expensive option without compromising on performance or reliability.