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Hankook presents ultra fuel-efficient e-cube Blue long-haul tyre family

Hankook has expanded its ultra-efficient and fuel-saving e-cube Blue trailer tyre line with new special steering and drive axle treads. The tyre maker is exhibiting a complete solution for long-haul traffic which have A-label markings for rolling resistance on all axle positions for the first time at the 66th IAA Commercial Vehicle Show. The new tyre family is a long-haul system solution and stands out in particular on account of its ultra high fuel efficiency.


At the 66th IAA Commercial Vehicle Show, the premium tyre maker Hankook is presenting its complete ultra efficient fuel-saving truck tyre line for long haul duty called e-cube Blue. The already available trailer tyre e-cube Blue TL20 is teamed up now with new steering (e-cube Blue AL20) and drive axle (e-cube Blue DL20) treads and Hankook is thus exhibiting for the first time a complete solution for long-haul traffic which has A-label marking for rolling resistance on all axle positions. The new e-cube Blue line enables fleet customers to profit from an additional eight percent tyre related fuel efficiency and provides up to 55 percent more durability (less irregular wear, higher mileage) compared with current products.

The tread design, which is tailored for each particular axle position also helps to further reduce fuel consumption and increase mileage without affecting dynamic characteristics such as braking and traction performance.

Both central rib tread blocks of the e-cube Blue AL20 steering axle tyres support each other through their interlocking design, which increases tread block rigidity and helps to reduce rolling resistance. The stepped main tread groove design gives extra support for each tread block side. Moreover, they provide for excellent straight stability and good steering response. The largely closed tread design in the shoulder rib area ensures particularly uniform tyre wear.

The tread appearance the e-cube Blue DL20 steering axle tyres is characterised by a central 4-block design of the massive central rib. The offset arrangement of the individual tread blocks guarantees interlocking action on both sides and results in mutual support for very good traction performance while reducing rolling resistance at the same time. In addition, the horizontally arranged semi-deep extra sipes in combination with tie bars in the open shoulder block area further promote traction.