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Bartec Auto ID demonstrates TPMS leadership at Automechanika

With a market share of over 80 per cent of car plant installations in Europe and North America, Bartec Auto ID Limited is a global market leader in tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) a fact the company is highlighting at Automechanika, Frankfurt this week.

A family-owned business, formed in 1992 and based in Barnsley, the TPMS experts boasts a 120-person strong worldwide network, with more offices located in Melksham, Coventry, the United States and Germany.

A successful British manufacturer, Bartec supplies an award-winning range of products and tools, reflected in its latest financial results as turnover soared to more than £12 million , with impressive year-on-year growth of 77 per cent .

Managing Director, Colin Webb, said: “Our presence in the car plants and close relationship with TPMS sensor manufacturers means our aftermarket tools are always up-to-date, and that means our tyre shop customers can do more repairs. As the specialist in TPMS, we offer dedicated training and great customer service to keep our customers one step ahead.”
A vehicle’s electronic system monitors air pressure in tyres through a sensor in the valve. If the tyre is under or over-inflated, a warning is delivered to the driver via a dashboard display or warning light.

Included in the range is the stand-out TECH500, which is the only TPMS scan tool in the world that boasts a combination of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, inductive charging and keyless ignition testing.

Crucially, the tool can detect and identify sensor faults – possibly due to a failed battery, mechanical damage or even corrosion – and, impressively, can recognise whether that vehicle’s ECU or TPMS receivers are at fault.

The TECH500 communicates directly with TPMS Desktop – software designed to help fitters manage tools, communicate with customers and keep a detailed archive of previous work – to download audit data.
An eclectic mix of accessories are also available, including a charging station, fast Bluetooth printer and charging pad.

All of Bartec’s tools work in unison with all original equipment-approved sensors. Indeed, most manufacturers use customised Bartec tools in their own franchised dealerships.