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SWAG for rocker covers

SWAG supplies a wide range of components for all popular European passenger cars, with the right part whatever the vehicle. But you might not be aware of some of the interesting parts SWAG has to offer. This month, we take a closer look into the Rocker Cover with ventilation valve and gasket (Part 40 94 6495), which features as part of SWAG’s engine range.


The rocker cover is located at the top of the cylinder head covering the camshafts and rockers. A rocker cover gasket sits in between to stop oil leaks around the rocker cover.
Over time, the high temperatures of the engine can cause the rocker cover gasket to become brittle and break. Warping of the rocker cover itself can also occur, causing oil leaks. If this issue is left without inspection or repair, serious engine damage can occur. Oil leaks can cause damage to electrical components over time.

SWAG’s rocker cover with ventilation valve and gasket fits a variety of popular vehicle makes including:
– Alfa Romeo
– Chevrolet
– Lancia
– Vauxhall

SWAG supplies more than 20 rocker cover gasket sets across the range. Its commitment to OE matching quality parts ensure long service life and hassle free fitment of SWAG components.

SWAG’s range of rocker cover gasket sets can be found on SWAG Live! SWAG’s online catalogue makes it easy to find the parts you need, saving you time on searches. Sign in or register now at

The SWAG product brand is part of the bilstein group, which also incorporates the strong febi and Blue Print brands. Further information can be found at: