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One in four trucks running on under inflated tyres

One in four trucks are running on UK road with under inflated tyres, research by Continental Tyres has found.

Research by Continental Tyres shows that as many as one in four truckm tyres may be running under inflated by 10 per cent.  This not only leads to significantly higher fuel costs but contributes to the likelihood of tyre failure, which is currently responsible for 20 per cent of all breakdowns.
As part of Continental’s strategy to provide customers with safe, reliable and efficient solutions for their transport needs, Ian Jackson, from Continental Tyres says the correct application of a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) such as ContiPressureCheck can positively impact business. 

Ian is responsible for the business development of ContiPressureCheck in the UK & Ireland. Ian has 34 years’ experience in the tyre industry, starting his career as a tyre fitter and mechanic before becoming area sales manager for a large independent tyre company.
“Safety is of course the primary benefit as the system will pre-warn the driver of any temperature or inflation issues. Larger commercial vehicles obviously have quite a distance between where the driver is sitting and the tyres themselves, so it is important for them to be aware of the condition of their tyres,” Ian said.

The Continental TPMS – ContiPressureCheck – provides live pressure data and additional warnings at the point where there has been both a 10 per cent and then 20 per cent reduction in air pressure inside the tyre, notifying the driver of a problem. ContiPressureCheck allows for the safe resolution of a potential tyre incident, allowing the driver to stop at a service station or off the road before the situation becomes critical. In addition to inflation pressure, ContiPressureCheck also constantly measures temperature.

Should spikes in temperature occur, which when investigated cannot be attributed to the tyres, this flags potential mechanical issues such as binding brake or wheel bearing failures, which are costly and dangerous problems if left untreated.

As tyre inflation pressure directly contributes to the vehicle’s overall fuel efficiency, providing the ability to constantly monitor this offers the operator the opportunity to reduce their fuel costs.