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Light up your sales this winter

Ring-HID-Box-and-Bulb-copyThe start of winter can be a busy time for mechanics as people prepare their cars, trucks and vans for the troublesome weather conditions including rain, sleet, ice and even snow that we have come to expect in the months ahead.

While vehicle owners focus on the obvious, such as tyres and batteries that can invariably cause problems during winter, this is the perfect opportunity for technicians to offer advice that can add value to the customer and sales to their bottom line.

With longer days looming ahead, it makes sense that lighting should be a key consideration. Ring, the specialist in lighting and automotive accessories, has a full range of market leading bulbs that can be fitted to cars, vans and trucks of all models and sizes.

Not only should customers change their bulbs because they are faulty, but they should also consider upgrading to get better light output and performance. The Ring Xenon130 range, as an example, will provide 130% increased light on the road, deliver better reflection of road markings and signs, reduce eye strain and increase confidence for night time driving.

By offering higher value performance bulbs, garages and factors can increase their sales and profits per bulb. Customer satisfaction from improved light output and performance will only result in repeat business that increases both sales and profit going forward.

Marketing Manager for Ring, Henry Bisson comments: “As well as being about sales, it’s about safety. As a result of our continuous and dedicated onsite research and development unit we were the first company to produce a bulb that put 100% and then 120% more light on the road, recognising the difference this can make to driving performance.

“Increased comfort and safety has to be a priority for all motorists and relying on your mechanic or garage technician to give the very best advice and offer you the choice of the highest performing products in the market is all that any customer would expect.”

As well as supplying products, Ring also provides the support that garages and factors need to be able to successfully upsell bulbs. From counter top stands to fitting guides and promotional videos, Ring bulb stockists have access to a variety of POS and marketing materials.

Increased bulb profit opportunities from Ring include:

Performance Halogens – Xenon 130
Delivering up to 130% more light on the roads, these bulbs are directly interchangeable with standard headlights. There is no costly rewiring required or switch upgrades, and customers can rely on a bulb that continues to meet and exceed performance levels.

HID Bulbs
Xenon HID Bulbs, once limited to luxury and executive cars only, are now being fitted as standard to a wider range of vehicles. Technicians are now experiencing a higher demand to replace HID bulbs and Ring is able to supply direct OE replacements to the aftermarket.

Importantly Xenon HID bulbs need to be replaced in pairs for colour matching
purposes. To give mechanics confidence in replacing HID bulbs, Ring has produced a HID fitting guide and training video to assist with changing to these bulbs.

LED bulbs
Using up to 80% less energy than a standard bulb, LED’s are the latest evolution in vehicle lighting technology. Predominantly used to upgrade side lights, indicator lights, brake lights, reverse lights and interior bulbs they can last up to five times longer than the equivalent halogen bulb. LED headlight bulbs are available but only for off road use. Ring offers both a performance and premium range of LED bulbs.