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Champion Iridium spark plugs range expands

Champion-Iridium-plug-packaging-HR-copyFederal-Mogul Motorparts, has expanded its Champion Iridium range of OE-quality spark plugs to provide coverage for the 2010 Nissan Micra 1.2 3-cylinder engine. The plug (OE240 REA12WMB4) has been designed to produce the sharpest spark focus and ensure heightened erosion-resistance to provide an extended life cycle. Its exclusive Heat-Active™ alloy reaches and maintains optimum operating temperature quickly and across a range of temperatures and conditions.

“Federal-Mogul is proud to maintain its commitment to providing OE-quality Champion products across an expanding portion of the global car parc, ensuring coverage of every important, popular make and model,” says Bert De Haes, Group Product Manager, Ignition, EMEA, Federal-Mogul Motorparts. “The Mk4 Nissan Micra is a vital small car at the forefront of its class, featuring a renowned 3-cylinder downsized engine; we’re delighted that Champion Iridium spark plugs are able to optimise its combustion cycle and ensure that performance and durability benefits are passed on to drivers.”

Champion Iridium spark plugs are innovative by design, featuring the latest technologies and are produced using new, efficient manufacturing processes to ensure OE-quality. For example, Federal-Mogul’s proprietary Iridium Fine-Wire centre and nickel alloy ground electrode complements its exclusive Heat-Active™ alloy to provide enhanced control over spark characteristics across a range of conditions without a drop-off in performance. The Fine-Wire optimises the use of precious metal by utilising Federal-Mogul’s Iridium Multi-Layer Rivet (MLR) technology, which features a laser weld that requires less base metal and offers a durable, long lasting electrode.

To further enhance Champion Iridium plugs, Federal-Mogul developed its SureFire™ ceramic, which helps achieve dielectric strength values of more than 38kV. An improved spray drying process, powder screening, updated milling process and higher pressing pressure help provide a denser, less porous ceramic for use in the Iridium range.

For further information on the Champion Iridium range of spark plugs, including wider applications, please visit the Federal-Mogul Motorparts website,