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Blue Print for MINI parts

The new MINI, manufactured by BMW, first came off the production line in 2001. A second-generation upgrade followed in 2006, with better quality and comfort but without much change to its outer image. In 2014, the third generation MINI hit the market, and while it keeps getting bigger, the iconic look has remained unchanged.

Blue Print supplies over 95 different components for the BMW MINI in its range, including braking, transmission and electrical parts.


When problems with clearance and gear selection occur on a BMW MINI, repairers assume that the clutch is at fault, but this doesn’t always rectify the problem.

A fracture in the weld of the clutch fork allows the fork to flex during operation. This prevents the clutch from fully engaging, leading to difficult gear selection and clutch judder.

It is imperative that the clutch fork is cleaned and thoroughly checked during normal clutch replacement. Fork failure is a known issue with the MINI, and mistaking the issue could lead to extra, time-consuming repairs. The fork pivot bushes and locking pin should also be closely inspected.

Whilst the fork is only available through BMW, Blue Print has a range of clutch kits available to fit various models of the BMW MINI. These kits help save time and money on clutch replacement.

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Blue Print supplies only OE matching quality parts for the BMW MINI, with first time fit and a three year unlimited mileage warranty on parts.

The Blue Print product brand is part of the bilstein group, which also incorporates the strong febi and SWAG brands. Further information can be found at: