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A guide to choosing the right engine oil

Everyone knows that it is important to have engine oil in their vehicle, but who really understands why, and about the different engine oil grades available?

Engine oil’s main purpose is to keep the engine lubricated to protect it against all the causes of wear by reducing friction and corrosion. It also helps protect the emission system, prevent the engine from overheating, and improve fuel economy.

With manufacturers improving vehicles and engines, the performance requirements of the oil required has increased and so, oil manufacturers have had to improve their products with an improvement in the oil additives, and more advanced base oils.

Engine oil additives are the ingredients combined with the base oil to improve engine performance, and can include, antioxidants, viscosity index improvers, detergents and others. Antioxidants help in resisting oil oxidation, and keep engine oil from becoming too thick for optimal operation. Detergents are used as oil additives in engine oils to help keep surfaces clean. Dispersant oil additives grab contaminants and hold them in a suspension; this prevents build up on the engine parts. It is these oil additives that characterise the oil into the different engine oil grades.

Without these additives the oils would not meet the demands of the engines or the standards required by international authorities such as, ACEA, API, JASO & ILSAC. In addition to this, some vehicle manufacturers lay down approval standards aimed at optimising the performance of their engines. These are more stringent than the international standards. For the best performance from your engine, you should use the oil recommended by the manufacturer as this oil is used as the first fill oil in your new engine, during its production.

What Oil for your car?
Choosing the right engine oil can be hard with the vast quantity of grades and brands on the market. To ensure the best quality in lubricant, you should look for a trusted brand that not only meets international standards, but that also holds official approvals or recommendations from engine manufacturers.

One such brand is Total – an active brand that never stands still. Total is constantly researching and developing its products to ensure they are at the fore-front of technology. Through close partnerships with major manufacturers worldwide, Total has been able to develop high specification lubricants, which meet the rigorous demands of Formula 1, the Dakar rally and the World Rally Championships. Total then They then applies these cutting-edge developments to its commercially available products.

Total can offer complete product ranges approved by the most demanding manufacturers. (BMW, Hyundai, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Volkswagen, Audi, Ford, etc.) Some of these manufacturers, (Kia, Peugeot, Citroen, Renault, Mazda, Nissan, Great Wall & Dacia) not only approve Total’s products but also recommend them, such as the Total Quartz range, Mazda Original oils, and the Elf range.

For more information on Total’s of lubricants here in Ireland contact Finol Oils in Dublin on 01 4555 484.

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