TTC launches new and improved Susie air and electrical coils

Susie-red-and-yellow-air-coil-7-copyTTC has launched the new generation of its long established Susie brand of air and electrical coils.

The Susie brand has been at the forefront of air and electrical coil technology since the early 1960s and is still referred to today as ‘the’ coil of quality and reliability.

This innovative new generation of air and electrical coils continues this heritage, offering customers the very best in coil components and materials. With fewer part numbers this new range gives a simpler choice of coils, helping reduce distributor and end user inventory levels, while still covering the same wide range of popular applications.

Every Susie coil is individually packaged in a Susie branded bag and each coil is clearly marked with ’Genuine Susie by TTC’ so you know you have the genuine item, as well as being marked with its own TTC part number for easy identification. To aid with identification of the coils TTC have also produced a sales brochure covering the entire new range.

TTC’s Susie coils are produced to meet the requirements of all international standards, ensuring both consistency of quality and reliability.

This new range retains all the key features expected of a market leading brand but in addition, to improve TTC’s new Susie range of Electrical coils, they are now finished with a rubber coil end and protector seal. This is much softer than the old style plastic end protector, ensuring the material will not crack over time, providing a better seal to prevent water ingress over the life of the coil.