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Sealey unveils Paddy Hopkirk tool chest

Over the years many drivers have become famous for driving particular cars and brands. Such as Colin McRae in the Subaru Impreza WRX STi and Michael Schumacher at Ferrari. But in 1964 a young man from Northern Ireland accomplished something that would prove to be one of the most spectacular victories in the history of international motorsport. Paddy Hopkirk’s historical Monte Carlo Rally win put Minis on the map and cemented the car’s place in the history books, proving that despite being up against far more powerful opponents, the small family car from Britain could beat them all. It was this victory that won the people’s hearts and made Paddy and the Mini a household name.

It has now been over 50 years since the event and even today, the Mini is considered to be one of the greatest cars ever created. As such it has a following to suit. Thousands of people each year attend Mini events all over the world both for the originals and the BMW remake of the car. Plus of course for a chance to meet Paddy who is very much still involved in the Mini scene and currently as an Ambassador for the BMW Mini. Paddy recently also received an MBE for his contribution to Motorsport and young people.

Sealey wanted to honour the car and the man that has been at the forefront of the Mini name for the last five decades by designing and producing the Limited Edition Paddy Hopkirk Toolbox.

Over the last two years Sealey has worked with Paddy and Mini Sport to perfect this project and make it something that every enthusiast would be proud to own.

The toolbox is available in multiple formats both with and without tools to suit the needs of your garage, plus a version with Sealey’s Platinum Edition Tool Trays.

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