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febi for quality ball joints

Ball joints are vital components that connect the different parts of the steering system. They form the pivot between the wheels and suspension, allowing the suspension to absorb torque. The ball and socket design in a ball joint allows for swivel movements so that the steering knuckles can pivot as the wheels are steered.


The most common sign that a ball joint is worn is tyre wear, but noises such as squeaking also provide a warning that there is a problem with the joint. Poor quality ball joints can cause premature wear, as well as misalignment.

It is important to replace ball joints with high quality parts to ensure efficiency and long service life. febi uses top quality steel and OE grade rubber, supplying over 400 ball joints in its steering and suspension range for a variety of vehicle makes and models.

febi Prokit 28600 supplies the Ball joint with screws and nuts, to fit on both sides of the front axle. This helpful kit ensures speedy repairs and avoids extra ordering if a screw breaks when removing the old ball joint.

Citroen C2: 2003-10
Citroen C3: 2003-10
Peugeot 1007: 2005-09

febi bilstein’s ProKits assist installers with speedy and professional repairs, providing all the necessary parts for the job in one handy kit. febi saves you time and money, avoiding the hassle of multiple searches and waiting on deliveries, for a single repair.

febi features a range of over 2,000 ProKits for a variety of different makes and models. febi supplies OE matching quality parts, with the confidence of first time fit, every time. With over 20,000 references, febi’s extensive range can provide you with the parts you need.

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