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Team PR Reilly launches Turtle Wax Green Line

Immediately identifiable on the shelf, all containers in the newly launched Turtle Wax Green Line are predominantly Turtle Wax green, providing quick visual confirmation of the tier with a strip of colour: Red for bodywork, Yellow for interior, Blue for glass and Grey for tyres.


The re-launch is the largest for Turtle Wax in 15 years. In addition to the packaging redesign, the project includes the new “Life Gets Mucky” ad campaign.

From Leather Care to Glass Cleaner, this new range works towards keeping your car looking, feeling and smelling as good as new. Once you gain trust in a brand, you’re more likely to choose their products first for all of your needs, and to make the Green Line easily recognisable, all of the products have the same slick green design.

New additions to the main line are Waterless Wash, Liquid Shine, Dash & Glass, Fresh Shine, All Wheel Cleaner and Headlight Restorer Kit.

One of the more anticipated products from the Green Line Range is the Dash & Glass Interior Cleaner. Labelled “the Innovation of 2016”, this 2-in-1 cleaner works for both glass and vehicle interior. It uses polymer tech to ensure no annoying smears are left behind. The multi-purpose cleaner has already achieved great success across the USA and has received awards for its quality. Turtle Wax claims that they have “made it easy to keep cars looking great in-between adventures. Unlike other interior cleaners, you won’t have to worry about overspray. The breakthrough new Dash  & Glass Interior Cleaner uses precision cleaning to effortlessly remove dirt from both dashboards AND windows. The proprietary formula encapsulates dirt for safe, streak-free cleaning. This uniquely formulated multi-surface cleaner leaves a non-greasy shine to restore the natural look of your car.”

Another of the highly anticipated innovations is the Waterless Wash. According to Turtle Wax, the “unique formulation cleans, shines and protects paintwork, plastic and wheels in one step – without the need for water, hose or buckets”. Waterless Wash can save buyers a lot of time, money and space in their home!

Want to relive the days when your car held that “new car smell”? Now you can with the Turtle Wax Fresh Shine: New Car fragrance. The non-overpowering scent lasts up to 8 days and also buffs up your dashboard. Buyers will be stuck for choice as the Fresh Shine also comes in Citrus, Strawberry, Vanilla and Outdoor scents.

As always with Team P R Reilly, you should be keeping a lookout for some great introductory offers as well as some top quality POS material such as tailor made planograms! Want to see a demonstration? features short videos for each Turtle Wax Green Line product so you can see it in action.

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