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Rodcraft high capacity wheel dollies for trucks and heavy equipment

CP-Rodcraft-copyRodcraft extends its workshop equipment range with the launch of two new wheel dollies for bus, truck and heavy vehicle service. The new RHW703 and RHW120 dollies will bring more comfort and flexibility to users in all wheel service applications, such as disassembly and assembly of wheels, and break drum maintenance.

The Rodcraft RHW703 twin wheel dolly comes with a capacity of 700 kg and is designed to assist truck-wheel service for vehicles with twin wheels up to diameters of 545 to 1280 mm. Its adjustable arms are equipped with rollers on ball bearings to ease the mounting, so that twin wheels can be rotated individually in opposite directions.

The Rodcraft RHW120 dolly is designed for wheel applications on heavy vehicles, with a maximum load of 1200 kg. Its large rollers adjust automatically to the appropriate angle and can hold wheels up to 2.2 meters of diameter.

Designed for one-person-use, the new Rodcraft wheel dollies bring more flexibility to the mechanic, enabling them to save maintenance time. Both wheel dollies are equipped with a hydraulic pump to help adjust the load, which can be secured by a chain (RHW703) or an extra arm (RHW120). The sturdy metal frames deliver high stability and quality, while the rotatable nylon wheels offer easy maneuverability.

“Our new RHW703 and RHW120 dollies will enable users to do their job profitably while providing a safer work environment,” says Clement Baylion, Product Marketing Manager, Rodcraft.

Rodcraft offers a wide variety of workshop equipment, with many products dedicated to wheel service and general mechanic applications, for example air-hydraulic-jacks and jack stands, or oil collection units and transmission jacks.

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