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RHA asks new London Mayor to see the Capital’s streets from a truck cab

The Road Haulage Association congratulates new London Mayor Sadiq Khan on his election victory and has asked him to view the streets of the nation’s capital from the cab of a truck.
Commenting, RHA chief executive Richard Burnett said: “We are very keen to work with the new Mayor and his administration team, to address the issues of congestion, pollution and road safety; particularly in relation to cycling in London. We are of the firm opinion that a holistic approach is vital if the Capital is to achieve a ‘Target Zero’ for accidents involving HGVs that may result in death or serious injury.
“We are also very keen to discuss the proposed rush hour ban on truck deliveries to reduce congestion. This is not the answer. Such a move would simply increase the number of vehicles, particularly vans, using the roads at a time when London residents expect to have their ‘day’ delivered. Restaurants and other retail outlets would suffer and the delays to construction projects, already working within strict time constraints would be inevitable.
“Any argument has two sides. Only by accepting our request to spend a day in the cab of an HGV will Mr Khan be able to get a proper perspective on the issues that surround those delivering London’s economy on a daily basis.” 
Concluding, Richard Burnett said: “Lorries play a vital part in the economic life of London – without them, the Capital will grind to a standstill. London will only continue to prosper and develop if we all work together and accept that all road users have a role to play.”