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Patch Tyre Equipment unveils new Easy Ductor

Patch-I-ductor-T-15000-copyPatch Tyre Equipment has added a new hand-held flameless torch, the Easy Ductor to its ever-growing portfolio of workshop equipment.

The 1KW Easy Ductor, uses flameless heat induction technology to heat metal parts for the quick and safe removal of seized nuts and bolts.

Unlike some competing hand held torches, where the heat induction takes place in the handle of the torch, the Easy Ductor connects to a small re-enforced steel box, where the heat induction takes place at a safe distance from the operator.

With an EU ban on naked flames in the workshop, the Easy Ductor is the perfect tool for removing stubborn nuts and bolts in countless workshop, haulage and heavy plant applications.

The Easy Ductor is very competitively priced at €850 + VAT and Brian Matthews of Patch Tyre Equipment, says the heat inductor will pay for itself in 12 months. “Workshops can spend up to €1,000 a year for gas so the Easy Ductor will pay for itself in less than a year.”

The Easy Ductor is proving very popular in garages that offer wheel alignment services. It’s the perfect tool for the fast removal / release of stubborn steering parts.

Placing a metallic object inside the high frequency magnetic fields generates induction heat, expanding the metal allowing for fast release from corrosion or thread lock compounds.

The 1KW Easy Ductor is fast becoming the tool of choice for professional mechanics and technicians, and is widely recognised as a high quality, hand held flameless torch.

The 1KW Easy Ductor benefits from new technological designs for increased energy efficiency and ease of use.

With a true 1,000 watts max output power available, the hand-held tool is ideal for use in workshops, garages and body shops as it helps technicians work more efficiently, save time, is energy efficient and safer and faster than using a torch, which is now outlawed under EU law.

Using flameless heat, the tool heats metal parts in seconds. This allows all types of adhesives bonded to metal, bonded with thread lock compound and seized hardware to be removed and released.

The 1KW Easy Ductor uses high frequency magnetic fields creating high performance induction heat. When ferrous metallic objects are placed inside the magnetic fields they heat up, expanding the metal allowing for easy and fast release from corrosion or thread lock compounds.

The flexible coils can get around corners where a flame cannot. So, it’s safer and faster than using a flame, and does not create time consuming damage to surrounding areas.

For haulage and heavy plant applications Patch Tyre Equipment recommends the T15000 Heat Inductor. This 16 KW machine is ideal for removing the likes of brake discs, truck springs, releasing U-Bolts and heavy duty applications, where there is a need for heat.

It can be used on seized brake pipes, removing suspensions, straightening or bending springs, straightening axles and chassis amongst a myriad of applications.

For more information contact Brian Matthews on 087 258 4868.