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New tyre changer makes light work of heavy tyres

Pro-Align, having recently opened a new depot in Dublin is expanding its product range further with the launch of its Hunter heavy-duty tyre changer.

The new tyre changer includes a host of innovative features which have been carefully designed to not only speed up and make the tyre changing process more efficient, but also make it safer and easier for technicians carrying out the work.


“Changing truck and bus tyres can be a tricky and fraught process,” comments Paul Beaurain, managing director, Pro-Align. “However, our new system reduces the risks and stresses making the entire process safer and quicker. There’s no lifting of heavy assemblies, no need for the use of hammers, making it a whole lot easier and controlled.”

To demount a tyre, operators simply roll the wheel and tyre assembly onto the changer, engage the tulip-style wheel clamp and then activate the bead-breaking rollers. The powerful hydraulic-powered carriage then moves across and effortlessly removes the tyre from the rim as it rotates, without any damage to the wheel or need for the use of hammers. This process can be completed in as little as 55 seconds.

Meanwhile, mounting the tyre is an even quicker operation and can be completed in just 30 seconds! The changer lowers the wheel rim onto the tyre and with the use of an optional mount lever, the wheel and tyre assembly is spun by the changer and the tyre mounting process is completed. On certain tyres, it’s even possible to mount both beads simultaneously.

The new Hunter heavy-duty tyre changer offers great flexibility for workshops, being able to accommodate standard truck tyres as well as super-singles.