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Hella Ireland advises technicians to fit quality ignition cable kits

Hella-NGK-Ignition-Cables-copyHella Ireland is advising technicians to fit quality ignition cable kits to avoid engine mis-fires and ignition failures.

Ignition cable kits are designed to connect the car’s distributor, ignition coil or magneto to the spark plugs, essentially carrying the voltage that’s needed to create the spark which will get the engine firing.

Each HT lead can carry up to 20,000 volts so it is important to ensure that only the highest quality materials are used in the production process. Faulty ignition leads, due to perished, torn or chaffed cable insulation and dirty cable connectors are common causes of rough running, misfires, high fuel consumption and can be attributed to emissions failures.

Hella Ireland has two brands Bosch and NGK and stock over 70+ refs in our range.
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