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Combating the illegal use of TecDoc data

In addition to work being done to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the data that sits behind TecDoc CATALOG, Europe’s leading electronic parts identification system, parent company TecAlliance is also totally committed to its protection from improper use by unscrupulous parts suppliers who might wish to use TecDoc data without authorisation. TecAlliance has done this by pursuing and prosecuting companies who use TecDoc data illegally.

“As a relevant case in point,” explained Shaun Greasley, general manager of TecAlliance UK & Ireland, “since August last year the TecDoc database has been registered with the Russian patent office and qualifies as information protected by copyright and ancillary laws, which means the TecDoc database and structure may not be copied or used without the relevant licence. This registration makes it easier to validate claims for restraint, information and damages in the event of infringements.

“As of November 2015, TecAlliance has been taking more stringent measures to combat the illegal use of the TecDoc database. Unlawful use can be unequivocally proven using special features within the database. TecAlliance will be supported on site by a renowned law firm specialising in copyright law.

“The Russian case is just one example of how seriously TecAlliance take such illegal activity, but each and every market is equally robustly defended, which can only benefit both TecDoc’s official data suppliers and parts wholesalers reliant on identifying the right part first time.”