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Automechanika exhibitors discuss the exhibition

Exhibitors at Automechanika Birmingham are becoming more excited as the event approaches; the organisers are hosting a variety of features to happen throughout the exhibition in the NEC, Birmingham, including seminars, a ‘New Product Showcase’ and a ‘Workshop of the Future’ feature area. A selection of exhibitors has explained why they are at Automechanika Birmingham from the 7th-9th June and what they hope to gain from it.

Vauxhall/GM: “Automechanika Birmingham highlights the continued resurgence of the UK on the global automotive map. With a proud heritage of Vauxhall manufacturing in the UK, we are delighted to see a major event being organised in General Motors’ fourth largest market, showcasing the best the industry has to offer.”

Helen Goldingay, senior head of marketing & communications at HELLA UK: “HELLA is not only a prominent manufacturer of OE parts, it has also had a longstanding UK presence and is a core aftermarket brand. It is therefore fitting for a company with such heritage to be a part of what is sure to be a notable occasion and become a successful annual event.

“The three business units that make up HELLA’s UK offering will all be present, so alongside the wide-ranging service and repair parts available under the HELLA brand will be BEHR HELLA SERVICE air conditioning and thermal management components and HELLA GUTMANN SOLUTION diagnostic tools and garage equipment.

“In addition, the business is actively represented in the Aftermarket Theatre on Wednesday morning where Neil Hilton will be making a presentation on the subject ‘Overcoming the challenges of ADAS’ and with a static display in the Workshop of the Future feature area.”

A1 Motor Stores’ Simon Salloway, head of operations: “A1 has been waiting for the right event to showcase the company for quite some time. Automechanika Birmingham is a perfect medium and the timing couldn’t be better for us. A1 has always been recognised as the leading retail accessory group in the UK, but we also have our own motor factor group of 40 strong members.

“This show will be used to make sure that members, both existing and potentially new to us are aware of the component offering we also have, which is already comprehensive, but I am looking at developing this side of A1 Motor Stores and A1 Motor Factor Group, so the visitors are vital to us as well as other exhibitors.”

Harry Brickwood, marketing coordinator, 3M: “3M operate in both the Automotive Manufacturing and Automotive Aftermarket segments therefore Automechanika presents a relevant opportunity for us to showcase our technologies to our target audiences.

“We are very much looking forward to expanding our network from this event; whether that is by finding new organisations to buy and sell to, or new businesses to collaborate with. This event also presents itself as a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase what we are capable of through our range of demonstrations and the very knowledgeable team who will be representing us.

“Our stand will be exhibiting a range of our technologies from both markets including Thinsulate acoustic materials, bonding and tape solutions, Paint Preparation Repair Systems and Cubitron  abrasive technology. So there is a lot that we are looking forward to sharing with the rest of the industry.  As well as this, Automechanika Birmingham will allow us to get our new branding into the public eye and give the industry and the public a chance to see what 3M stands for in this day and age.”

Andy Tonks, group sales and commercial director, Magal Engineering: “The UK has most certainly lacked a good, wide ranging exhibition that will appeal to companies such as ours in the supply chain. Automechanika Birmingham will do just that and provide valuable business opportunities.”

Stefan Hay, Director at National Tyre Distributors Association (UK): “REIFEN and Automechanika are two of the most popular European trade shows and have always been heavily supported by our tyre retailer, supplier and aftermarket members who see both as exceptional networking events. Having the two events co-located in Frankfurt from 2018 onwards, not only makes logistical sense, but also provides our members with an opportunity to promote their products and services, under one roof, to a truly global audience. This, combined with the new annual Automechanika Birmingham show is, in our opinion, a very welcome development for tyre retailers, suppliers and the aftermarket.”