WheelRight keeps pressures in check

Tyre pressure automation specialist WheelRight will be demonstrating a tyre pressure monitoring system at the Commercial Vehicle Show at the NEC in Birmingham, April 26-28

The award-winning technology has recently undergone a year-long trial at Welcome Break’s Keele services on the southbound M6. As part of the study, WheelRight’s system measured more than 150,000 tyres – 50,000 of which were from HGVs.

The need for regular tyre pressure checks in the CV sector has never been greater. A recent study, conducted by the Road Safety Observatory, found that the UK sees approximately 25 deaths and nearly 1,500 serious accidents every year as a direct result of defective or poorly inflated tyres.

Indeed, 65 per cent of HGV drivers who took part in WheelRight’s Keele study said they had experienced a tyre-related issue on the motorway at least once.

The trial also uncovered widely varying tyre conditions from truck to truck. One HGV driver who used the system was found to have a tyre pressure of 19psi, a result he initially disbelieved due to it passing the ‘kick test’ before he set off.

The WheelRight system measures tyre pressures remotely within seconds and could be the nudge drivers need to undertake potentially life-saving checks more often. The simple ‘drive-over’ solution improves vehicle safety and cuts costs, with daily tyre pressure checks. 

John Catling, WheelRight’s Chief Executive, said, “We’re looking forward to showing our monitoring technology at the Show. The impressive take-up of our system at Keele demonstrates that there is a real appetite in the CV industry for a quick and easy means of monitoring tyre condition”