Meyle technology close-up: Multiple benefits of SiC/SiC technology

Featuring silicon carbide mechanical seals, Meyle and Meyle-HD water pumps outperform conventional designs in terms of quality. All water pumps designed by Meyle come with a 100,000-miles (160,934 kilometres) minimum performance guarantee – in addition to the respective guarantee period.

The performance guarantee is offered independently of the standard four-year guarantee given for all Meyle-HD parts and exclusively covers part mileage.

The additional performance guarantee is the natural result of the many benefits SiC/SiC mechanical seals have to offer.

A defective water pump can quickly cause major engine damage. In many cases, the root cause is a leaking mechanical seal, which is why material quality is a critical factor. Using SiC/SiC mechanical seals, Meyle and Meyle-HD water pumps far exceed the quality standards typically available on the independent aftermarket. Leading car makers rely on this type of sealing now fitted in the majority of available Meyle water pump designs. The extremely narrow sealing gap combined with a high-grade silicon carbide material – a particularly robust compound – helps protect the water pump against wear and contamination. Even the smallest of particles are ground down instantly. No run-in period is required – the water pump is perfectly water-tight immediately after installation.

Compared to conventional hard carbon material typically used in aftermarket applications, silicon carbide sliding face material pairings offer excellent thermal conductivity thereby preventing the risk of crack formation due to thermal stress. The result: a prolonged water pump life.