Air-seal punctures above its weight

One of the UK and Ireland’s  leading manufacturers of quality tyre sealants will be demonstrating how quickly and easily its products can be applied at this year’s CV Show, at the NEC Birmingham, April 26-28.

Air SealAir-seal’s sealants are NATO-Approved and the company is also the exclusive supplier of tyre sealants to Royal Mail, as well as a number of other key fleets across 31 different countries.

Previously, tyre sealants were only used in extremely hazardous environments such as construction sites and landfill, where the risk of puncture was extremely high. But a changing fleet landscape and increased tyre and fuel prices have seen more intermediate and long-haul fleets using sealants as an extra line of protection to seal and prevent punctures.

Air-seal will use the Show to talk about its range and the impact of under-inflated tyres on carbon emissions and fuel economy.