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TyreWatch system wins UK government support

RL Automotive (Stand 5J70) will be using the Show to demonstrate its TyreWatch system, which monitors a fleet’s tyres for pressure and temperature 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in real time.

Not only does the driver see the tyre pressures and temperatures, but they are uploaded to the web in real time, where they can be monitored and automatic alerts issued if required.

The system is linked to a GPS signal, so the location and speed of a vehicle can be monitored as well. The importance of this is that the system will alert the fleet operator by email or text message to slow punctures and high temperatures, which may be due to a braking problem.

TyreWatch is the only independent web-enabled tyre pressure monitoring system in UK.

The system is specifically designed for logistics operations and works for tractors and trailers, buses and coaches.

The UK Department of Transport has recognised its importance in terms of safety, environmental emissions, vehicle uptime and overall reliability as an essential part of the autonomous vehicles of the future.

As a result of the success of the present system it will be fully funding TyreWatch’s research and development into telematics for commercial vehicles.