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New ergonomic impact wrenches for heavy vehicle service applications

Chicago Pneumatic has introduced a new straight impact wrench line for the heavy vehicle service market. The CP7763D and CP7773D series is a compact and lightweight impact wrench that provides excellent durability and power for general mechanic applications and tire changing on light trucks and heavy vehicles. Thanks to the new D-handle design and the various ergonomic features of the impact wrench, users are provided with greater stability when holding the tool and increased user comfort than alternative models.

CPT5790 - CP7763DThe CP7763D/73D series comes in a ¾” and 1” version and is also available with extended 6” anvils to best fit the users’ needs. This is the first straight heavy duty impact wrench available in ¾ in. size in Chicago Pneumatic’s extensive range. Matching user demand for lighter yet powerful tools, the new impact wrenches are lightweight, weighing 14.3 lbs (6.5kg) and 16.1 lbs (7.3kg) for the ¾ in and 1 in models respectively, and both deliver a powerful 1,300 ft.lbs (1,760Nm) in reverse, providing a high power to weight ratio. This enables users to get their job done quickly and increase productivity, with less fatigue.

With a new straight design and improved ergonomics in the handle, the CP7763D/73D provides users with increased comfort and stability during tough tasks. Typically pistol models are used in general mechanics, however, this straight version is more comfortable and better balanced for the user. As a result, it is easier and less tiring to use, meaning that operators can perform their duties more efficiently and suffer less strain.

The twin hammer mechanisms and steel motor offer users a highly durable tool, designed to work in tough environments, while the aluminium housing and composite cover ensure the latest impact wrench follows Chicago Pneumatic’s rugged and reliable design.

The CP7763D/73D is simple to use, thanks to its easy forward/reverse lever which can be operated single handily. The lever can be switched from right-handed to left-handed, giving increased flexibility to the user. With a four speed setting in both forward and reverse, the new impact wrench can be adjusted to the users requirements and provide enough torque necessary to ensure the completion of the job quickly. With the shorter version of the range being just 11.4in (290mm) long and the longer version 17.5in (445 mm), users are sure to find this compact, powerful tool suitable for their tire changing and maintenance needs.

“At Chicago Pneumatic we are dedicated to making our customer’s jobs easier and are continually developing our tools in line with user demand. The new impact wrench is designed to give users superior control and stability when tightening and untightening bolts and the straight layout of the tool and the side handle as standard help to achieve this,” says Luis Clement, vice-President, Chicago Pneumatic Tools. “The shorter versions are more suitable for general mechanics applications, like chassis or suspensions, whereas the 6” anvil versions are ideally suited for tire changing operations thanks to their longer anvil shaft.”