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Lytx DriveCam helps major fleets reduce risks

Telematics supplier Lytx will be using the Show to demonstrate its on-board DriveCam technology, which has already helped one major logistics company reduce its risk profile.

Solstor, a supply chain solutions company for the European ambient, chilled and frozen goods market, has adopted the Lytx DriveCam safety programme, a comprehensive video-based safety system, in its food distribution vehicles.

Lytx DriveCam combines video capture of driving events such as hard braking or sudden swerving, data analysis of those events, and coaching insights to improve driving behaviour to avoid such incidents.

Solstor already had a great record and wanted to do even more to ensure the safe arrival of its drivers and cargo. Already, the programme has achieved a significant reduction in high risk events.

“We’ve been using telematics for a long time to study driver behaviours and to support our drivers with coaching,” said Solstor Managing Director Graham Doe. “While our telematics system has given us a great head start on understanding our drivers’ on-the-road behaviours, the Lytx system does a much more comprehensive job by providing video evidence that serves as the foundation for more open and comprehensive discussions between the driver and the trainer.”