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ContiTech V-ribbed belt kits cover all repair requirements

ContiTech-copyContiTech’s V-ribbed belt kits cover all repair requirements with all the spares for changing multiple V-ribbed belts in an all-in-one package.

All the components in the kits – even the small consumables – match the quality automotive manufacturer’s use in original equipment. The specialist in belt drive components offers a solution for the most common applications with its more than 110 all-in-one packages.

The V-ribbed belt kits contain all components workshops need for changing the belt – perfectly matched.

“Thanks to our closeness to the automotive manufacturers, on the one hand, and the workshops, on the other, we know what parts we need to include in the kits,” explains product manager Dennis Roth.

These are the necessary tensioning pulleys and idlers, in addition to the multiple V-ribbed belt. Depending on the application, dampers and consumables are also included. In this way, ContiTech is complying with the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications, which explicitly call for the tensioner and all other components to be replaced when changing a multiple V-ribbed belt. Also, ContiTech’s customers get everything from a single source.

The tensioner is a part that wears out over time. If this reduces the tension of the multiple V-ribbed belt, wide-ranging consequential damage can occur – particularly if the multiple V-ribbed belt gets into the toothed belt drive. Changing the multiple V-ribbed belt and the tensioning pulleys and idlers as well as the dampers and consumables at the same time increases safety for both the engine and the vehicle owner. Subsequent service work on the belt drive is not required because all components involved are replaced – which is clearly in the customer’s interest. In addition, customers benefit from the extensive services and expertise of the drive specialist and get everything they need from a single source.

Furthermore, ContiTech provides customers with a central point of contact in the independent aftermarket. “We want to offer not only first-class products, but also a comprehensive package that allows our retail and workshop partners to work more efficiently,” says Roth. An increasingly extensive kit range is a significant step towards achieving this goal.