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Chicago Pneumatic’s new compact composite angle impact wrench

Chicago Pneumatic has launched a new compact CP7727/37 angle impact wrench for the vehicle service market, which is the best in its class in terms of compact design, low weight, high power and durability, and is expected to set new high levels of performance. The user-friendly angle wrench has a revolutionary design compared with traditional angle impacts, and delivers maximum torque in confined areas found in engine compartments and under the vehicle.

CPT5928 - CP7727-CP7737 Application
The CP7727/37 3/8” and ½” angle impact wrench is a powerful tool, capable of providing users with 220 ft-lbs (300Nm) of maximum torque in reverse. The impact wrench is designed with a direct drive system and a jumbo hammer mechanism with steel motor to provide the operator with a durable and efficient tool, enabling mechanics and vehicle service professionals to increase their uptime and productivity.

The CP7727/37 is just 9.58in (240mm) in length and 3.46in (88mm) in height, allowing the user to access areas where maneuverability with a standard tool would be difficult. The molded composite and advanced ergonomics of the CP7727/37’s handle means it easily fits into the user’s hand and provides them with the comfort they need during jobs. The unique positioning of the motor combined with a jumbo hammer and direct drive mechanism also means the new angle impact wrench is better balanced, robust and more efficient on the job.

“We created our CP7727/37 to break away from the conventional design of angle impact wrenches and provide an overall better performing tool. Typically angle impact wrenches are designed with the motor in the handle, which can be bulky and uncomfortable to hold, but we have moved the motor into the head of the impact wrench, providing users with the maximum torque available directly at the point of impact. As such it is more efficient, with no energy wasted in a gear system, enabling users to improve their air usage, and ultimately profitability,” says Luis Clement, vice-president, Chicago Pneumatic Tools. “Everything about this tool is compact and it is lighter than existing products on the market. By weighing only 2.46lbs (1.12kg) users are able to work with the tool for longer periods of time without being subject to fatigue.”

The impact wrench can be operated single-handedly with a full teasing trigger, giving great control to the operator and enabling them to easily remove or tighten fasteners in the most difficult to reach applications.

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