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Brakesafe brake tester perfect for commercial vehicle applications

The Brakesafe portable brake tester with printer, which is perfect for commercial vehicle applications, has gone down a treat since its introduction to the Irish market, by Techplus last year.

Brakesafe picThe Turnkey BrakeSafe is ideal for use on Commercial Vehicle roadworthiness vehicle safety inspections.

Workshops and fleet operators can now provide test results that show the vehicle and trailer brakes meet the required brake efficiency standards for commercial vehicles and mobile cranes.

There is also an HGV trailer testing mode that may be used to determine HGV semi-trailer / trailer brake efficiency.

BrakeSafe offers the highest standard test instrument at an affordable price to fleet owners and garages. These instruments are a low cost alternative to ‘rolling road’ brake testers and are approved by the Driver and Vehicle Services Agency (DVSA) in the UK.

  The Turnkey Brakesafe has been involved in successful trials with comparisons against roller brake testers. To date it is the only brake tester the  DVSA has found to be acceptable.

  BrakeSafe is easy to use and can be located anywhere in the vehicle. It is self-levelling and automatically aligns itself with the direction of travel. For basic operation, no connections need to be made to the vehicle.

  Optionally, the instrument can be used to measure and record the force applied to the brake pedal. In this case a transducer is attached to the pedal. This also allows the delay time of the braking system to be determined.

  All tests are annotated with the time and date, vehicle identity, test conditions and type of brake tested. The instrument can be pre-loaded with 99 vehicle names, 70 trailers, 16 test conditions, 4 brake types, and 8 examiner names. Each name can also be edited via the instrument’s single click control.

  BrakeSafe is designed, developed and manufactured by Turnkey Instruments Ltd.

Its design has evolved over many years in response to customer feedback and as a result, BrakeSafe is simply the best brake tester available today, anywhere.

  BrakeSafe can now be purchased in Ireland from Techplus, and is already proving very popular with Irish fleet owners and vehicle maintenance providers.

  G-Meter+Meanwhile, Techplus has added another Turnkey product to its portfolio, the g-meter+,  is designed for statutory annual NCT brake performance testing and is approved for all classes of road-going vehicles (including class I & II).

  It is also suitable for statutory testing of HGVs and  TÜV-certified as a brake-measuring instrument.

  The instrument is self-aligning and senses the direction of travel. It measures peak and mean acceleration, and stopping time, calculating the stopping distance. Deceleration can be measured in %g or in m s-2.

  The g-meter+ stores up to 3 sets of test results in its memory and comes with an optional printer for recording results.