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Another great competition from Sealey

Sealey-Estart800-Logo-new-copySealey is giving mechanics and technicians an opportunity to win yet another great competition prize.

This time the giveaway is for one of its new Electrostart Power Starters, which is a new edition to Sealey’s extensive range of battery starters.

The Electrostart is very different to any standard battery operated Jump Starter currently on the market, whether it be a conventional lead acid battery or a Lithium battery type.

Thanks to innovative technology, the E/START800 requires just 5 volts to jump start your vehicle. The main difference is that unlike a conventional booster, it has no internal battery, as it uses Ultracapacitors (and some clever patented electronics) to maximise the discharged battery’s voltage.

This lightweight and compact unit only weighs 1.5 kgs compared to conventional Jump Packs which weigh 10 kgs or more, and is small enough to fit inside your glove box. An unique feature of the unit is that it requires no maintenance.

Lead acid or lithium batteries have a shorter life expectancy than Ultracapacitors and require regular charging to ensure they are ready for use. This is not required with the Electrostart.

The unit works by simply connecting it to the vehicle’s discharged battery, the unit will then display the battery’s existing voltage, it then drawers power from it and energises itself fully within two minutes.

It then pushes full power safely back through the starting system jump starting the vehicle. It also incorporates a ‘glow’ feature, making it suitable for starting diesel vehicles in cold weather.

For your chance to win visit and follow the competition link.