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MAN Truck equipped with UFI diesel pre-filter

Euro 6 standards are applied to the type-approvals of all new models of road vehicles in order to tackle the increase in air pollution. To meet the requirements of these European standards, MAN Truck is committed to developing new avant-garde engines and is relying on the knowledge and experience of UFI Filters to develop the diesel pre-filter.

UFI filterThe quality of the diesel pre-filter is crucial for ensuring an optimal operation of the vehicle: greater efficiency of the injection system, improved combustion and less emission of pollutants. This involves improved engine performance and increased fuel saving, factors that are indispensable especially for long-range transportation where fuel costs have a big impact.

MAN Truck has full confidence in UFI Filters, which is equipping the new TGX series with the new 520, 560 and 640 horsepower D38 6-cylinder engines and the TGS series fitted with the D20 and D26 6-cylinder Common Rail engines with 360 to 480 HP. By 2018, the TGX and TGS series will have more than 600,000 vehicles on European roads.

The diesel pre-filter, which is also available in Aftermarket with the UFI and SOFIMA references, respectively 24.035.01 and S 4035 NR, eliminates 98% of water from the diesel. This is essential for optimal vehicle performance, especially for the common rail systems that operate at high pressures. If the water present is not correctly filtered it can quickly cause serious damage to the engine’s injection systems. The 24.035.01 and S 4035 NR pre-filters have a steel body and the filtering media is composed of a layer of cellulose combined with a layer of synthetic material. UFI Filters can therefore provide a high level of separation of water from the diesel due to the capacity of the composite filtering media to block the water on the outside of the cartridge, which has a water-repellent surface.

All UFI Filters and SOFIMA Filter diesel pre-filters have been designed to guarantee the same filtering level, also when dealing with the composition of new fuels. The presence of water in the diesel, the increased presence of biodiesel and the reduction in sulphur, are all factors that favour the proliferation of bacteria and the formation of sludge that can cause the obstruction and damage of the pre-filter.