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Michelin solutions launches Effitrailer fleet optimisation programme

Michelin solutions has committed itself to helping road transport firms lower their operating costs, increase profitability and boost efficiency through trailer fleet optimisation, with the launch of Effitrailer.

The new offer centres around the installation of dedicated trailer telematics equipment, featuring an on-board datalink, tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) and electronic braking system (EBS) data analysis. Once installed the equipment enables constant geolocation of every Effitrailer-optimised asset in a company’s fleet.


Uniquely in the market, when a company signs up to an Effitrailer contract, Michelin solutions will commit to reducing the number of tyre-related trailer breakdowns by up to 50 per cent – a commitment validated after diagnosis by a Michelin solutions analyst. If Michelin solutions does not achieve this goal, the company will refund the cost of all breakdowns over and above the contractual terms.

Nearly one-third (32 per cent) of all HGV breakdowns in Europe are linked to the tyres1, and in 70 per cent of cases they occur on the trailer2– with Michelin’s own research finding the average cost of a trailer breakdown is approximately £1,000.

Michelin solutions says its new Effitrailer solution – and the commitment to reducing tyre-related breakdowns – is being offered to fleets regardless of their current or future tyre policy. This makes it suitable for the estimated 90 per cent of trailers in Europe which do not currently use telematics.

The real-time data generated by Effitrailer telematics is sent to a dedicated fleet manager’s web portal, and details each asset’s exact location, mileage, the current pressure and temperature of every tyre on every axle, the length of any periods of abnormal downtime or ‘wait-time’, the ‘unhooked’ or ‘towed’ status of the asset and whether the trailer is overloaded.

The portal also offers schedule-tracking tools which, combined with the geolocation data, improve fleet efficiency and provide an opportunity for in-depth forward planning. Fleet managers can also stay one step ahead by setting up automatic customer alerts sent just before a trailer arrives at its destination, cutting unloading times – and if traffic is delaying a delivery, the system can pass on that vital information via text or email.

Paul Davey, Commercial Director of Michelin solutions in the UK and Republic of Ireland, says: “Effitrailer is a quantum leap in trailer fleet management, and offers a previously unseen degree of control over the day-to-day operations of vital road transport assets.

“With large trailer fleets, just knowing where every asset is can be challenging; but thanks to Effitrailer telematics, fleet managers can rest assured that the location of every optimised trailer is available at the touch of a button – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the added value the programme’s data offers.”
A customisable alert system incorporated into the Effitrailer web portal can flag abnormal operations, such as repeated hard braking, on a scheduled or real-time basis, while the TPMS allows for the constant analysis of tyre status across the trailer fleet. This data can subsequently inform a proactive tyre maintenance and replacement programme – cutting fleet downtime, improving safety for drivers, assets and cargo alike and reducing the potential for costly, mid-shift breakdowns, both in terms of call-out charges and penalties for late delivery.

As part of the programme, Michelin solutions will prepare monthly and quarterly reports, highlighting important information, trends and any changes – not simply a mass of complex data, but key figures and a clear overview of actions and results. This allows informed business decisions by identifying underused assets and unearthing opportunities for streamlined fleet utilisation.

Reports are also prepared for each asset, detailing distance travelled, ‘on-road’ and ‘parked’ times, and location tracking data. A Michelin solutions logistics analyst – who works with the customer throughout the life of the Effitrailer contract – subsequently analyses this data to further improve trailer fleet profitability. The analyst will also work closely with the customer’s fleet managers and executives to draw up shared action plans, suggest possible improvements to transport flows, and target efficiency throughout the fleet.

Effitrailer telematics can be installed on all trailer types equipped with EBS, regardless of age or manufacturer. The solution is aimed primarily at fleets operating at least 100 trailers on any brand of tyres.

The Effitrailer telematics unit, cable harness and connection systems all comply with automobile construction standards, and are mounted directly to the trailer’s chassis. If a customer has its own in-house workshop, the units can be fitted in-house by arrangement to reduce installation costs. Alternatively, Michelin solutions can manage the installation of the telematics equipment to both the trailer chassis and the rim of each tyre.

Michelin solutions has launched Effitrailer in the UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Austria, plus it will be available throughout Europe from 2016. The company has appointed Worldline as its partner for the provision of a collection and processing platform for the data issued by vehicles via the telematics control unit and customer portal.