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Petronas launches Syntium for optimum engine performance

Petronas Lubricants has launched Syntium with °CoolTechTM, which has been expertly engineered to fight excessive engine heat to maintain optimum engine performance for a trouble-free drive.

Excessive engine heat is a common problem that is widely underestimated by today’s road drivers. The excessive heat inside the engine, which is not visible on the dashboard gauge, is aggravated by modern-day driving conditions such as traffic congestions, driving up steep inclines and acceleration on highways.

Consequently and over time, it can damage critical components of the engine and affect driving performance.

Petronas Syntium with oCoolTechTM is uniquely engineered with strong oil chains to effectively absorb and transfer excessive heat from critical engine parts. By stopping engine-damaging heat at its source, drivers can be assured of optimum driving performance.

The Petronas Syntium with oCoolTechTM delivers three key benefits through its outstanding heat dissipation. First, it prevents engine failure by protecting engine components from detrimental wear and tear under high temperature. Second, it delays oil thickening by resisting the oil from oxidising at high temperatures to ensure optimal lubrication of engine parts. Third, Petronas Syntium with oCoolTechTM maintains optimum engine performance by fighting harmful deposit build-up caused by excessive engine heat under extreme driving conditions.

As a testimony of its efficacy, Petronas Syntium with oCoolTechTM demonstrated exceptional heat resisting qualities, exceeding the stringent international standards of the American Petroleum Institute (API), International Lubricants Standardization and Approval Committee (ILSAC) and European Automobile Manufacturer’s Association (ACEA).

When tested against the latest and highest service standard specifications, PetronasSyntium with oCoolTechTM performed better resistance to cam wear by more than 70%. In addition, the engine oil delivered better oxidation resistance in excess of 60% and gave better protection against piston deposit build-up by more than 30%.