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DAF Trucks upgrades telematics with remote tachograph download

DAF Trucks has launched an upgraded telematics package which includes a remote tachograph download facility.

Developed in conjunction with telematics provider Microlise, the DAF Telematics system part of DAF Trucks’ MultiSupport R&M package. The new remote digital tachograph download capability will allow operators to reduce both time and administration costs in the retrieval and management of tachograph data.


Tachograph data can be downloaded while vehicles are out on the road, removing the need for drivers to present their tacho-cards in person – which is especially advantageous on extended periods away from base. The downloaded data can then be uploaded seamlessly and directly to a number of tachograph analysis bureaus for subsequent analysis.

Frequency of downloads can be timed automatically, further reducing time and administration. Regular downloads allow DAF operators to better monitor drivers’ hours for subsequent work allocation. Unlike some telematics systems, DAF’s system does not require the driver to remove their tacho-card and insert it into a different download slot.

In addition to the driver’s tacho-card data, DAF Trucks’ Remote Digital Tachograph Download can obtain a range of vehicle data directly from the tacho-head unit, such as events, faults, technical calibration and detailed speed data. This allows DAF operators to meet or exceed compliance requirements.

DAF Trucks’ Telematics Manager, Jake Blowers, said, “Customer acceptance of DAF Telematics has been unequivocal,” he said, “and we’re working in tandem with Microlise to provide further enhancements to this already well-advanced technology.

“Remote tacho download, especially when set automatically, offers tangible time savings and administration benefits for our customers. Importantly, it also relieves the driver of a responsibility, allowing him or her to focus on the principle task of driving.”