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Borg & Beck fully coated discs

Although coated discs are a relatively recent addition for volume suppliers distributing comprehensive braking programmes to the mainstream aftermarket, there are two very distinct routes that these suppliers have committed themselves to, the first is the partial coating using an oil-based formula, the second, as adopted by the First Line Group, is the complete coverage of the disc, with a water-based coating.


With a phased introduction into its highly regarded Borg & Beck friction programme beginning last autumn, Becktec 100 per cent coated brake discs offer several clear advantages over the partial coated alternative. The first and perhaps most obvious, is that a complete coating provides protection over the entire surface of the disc, including vents, mounting holes and stud holes etc., which not only means they always look great, they are corrosion free. It also protects the discs from scratching, corrosion and oxidation.

By contrast, a partial coating will always be vulnerable to corrosion at the point where the coating ends and the bare metal is exposed. In addition, because the Becktec coating improves the thermal properties of the disc, it spreads the heat more efficiently across the whole disc and prevents the heat build-up that can occur.

Being water-based, the Becktec coating does not use a solvent element in its manufacture and is therefore kinder to the environment and poses far less risk to those involved in its manufacturing process than a solvent-based product. However, it is still solvent resistant and offers protection against petrol, oil, brake fluid, anti-freeze, power steering fluid and alloy wheel cleaner, so the discs always look at their very best.

Becktec discs also provide unequivocal benefits from a workshop perspective, as they transform the fitting process into a hassle-free operation. This is because technicians no longer have to inspect the discs for rust particles or surface corrosion, or remove oil residue that would normally be applied to a partially or non-coated disc to preserve its condition during its packaging/storage. As the Becktec disc is resistant to corrosion, it needs no such protection, and therefore no cleaning or preparation, it can simply be fitted, saving workshops both time and therefore money.

In addition to fitting the Becktec coated discs, fitting Borg & Becks double rubber Becktec shimmed brake pads will deliver improved noise reduction and anti rattle qualities, which is another major benefit to demanding motorists. In addition, to their formulation, which is consistent with the original equipment specification, Becktec shimmed Pads are also copper-free, so are more environmentally friendly and less corrosive to brake discs than inferior pads that have a more course formulation.

Plus, for total peace of mind, all Borg & Beck braking products come with a 2 year/24 month warranty, therefore added to all the features above, supplied as standard and the only quality available from Borg & Beck, you can be sure that you are getting a premium quality product at a very competitive price.

Check out the full Borg & Beck braking range at the forthcoming Auto Trade EXPO, at Citywest Exhibition Centre, Dublin, October 17-18.