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TecRMI provides Battery Service Data

As the systems incorporated into the typical vehicle grow evermore complicated, the requirement for accurate technical service data becomes evermore vital. No area is immune as even the once-humble battery has been affected by these technological advances to the extent that a now commonplace micro hybrid vehicle (one equipped with a Start-Stop system), relies a different type of battery – usually absorbed glass mat (AGM) or enhanced flooded battery (EFB) – which is integrated into its battery management system.

“To assist technicians with the technical information they need to keep on top of these changes, TecAlliance provides them with the latest repair and service information through its highly regarded TecRMI resource,” explains Shaun Greasley, commercial director of TecAlliance UK and Ireland.

TecRMI takes official vehicle manufacturer information to provide a step-by-step guide to the procedures that technicians need to follow to successfully carry out a multitude of component and system repairs.

“So to take batteries as an example, while in the past it was possible to simply disconnect the terminals and replace the battery, perhaps only with the precaution of ensuring a supply charge was present, the latest vehicles present a far greater challenge.

“Uninformed battery disconnection is likely to cause a loss of the settings and the memory functions of the vehicle’s electronic parts and the new battery could well need to be registered, or the direct shift gearbox have to be reset to its factory settings, in order for the vehicle to start or to placate the warning lights on the dashboard.

“The whole process is also far more labour intensive and sometimes even requires information as to where the battery is located, as they are often no longer housed within the engine bay. It is therefore vital that workshops know the repair time in advance, so they can accurately quote for the job.

“All of this information, along with a vast quantity of additional technical data is available through TecRMI, which is a web-based subscription resource that is accessible from pc, tablet or mobile devices for both automotive and commercial vehicle applications.”

For more information about TecDoc or TecRMI, please contact Shaun Greasley on: +44 (0) 1829 752888 or email: