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Team PR Reilly sheds light on the new Active Torch Deal

Active-spotlight-torchTeam PR Reilly has unveiled a fantastic deal on Active Spotlight Torches as part of its 2015 lighting programme.

Active Torches is a well-known and trusted brand and combined with super low launch pricing, 150 Lumens Rechargeable LED Spotlight offers:
         brighter than 1 million candle power
         400 meters beam
         4 hours battery
         3.7 lithium battery
         mains & car charger supplied

PR Reilly and Active deliver all of this for less than 66 per cent of the original price! You won’t need to worry about buying another torch anytime soon either as these LED spotlights last on average 5.5 years.
As well as this amazing offer, customers can also take advantage of the offer of stands that hold 25 torches for only €15.21 per unit – making each torch less than half price! You won’t find a better deal anywhere else! PR Reilly wants to make sure you have the best torch for the job.

In fact, all of our Activw Torches come in eye-catching pop up displays so you can quickly set them up in your store and start making more money. With the days getting darker, these torches are sure to be a quick seller. If this deal doesn’t interest you, PR Reilly is offering a whole range of other Active products at fantastic prices including lamps, perfect for keeping in your car, and lightweight headlights, for those times when it’s vital to be hands free.
A “not to be missed” offer. For more information about the Active deal or any of our other Active products contact the Sales Team 01- 832-0006 or email