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DinoTrux  now available on Netflix

Dinosaurs! Construction vehicles! Dinosaurs and construction vehicles combined into extraordinary creatures that have roamed the Earth for centuries! Welcome to the Mechazoic Era, a never-before-seen prehistoric world where these amazing hybrids come roaring to life in the cool, imaginative all-new Netflix original series DreamWorks’ DINOTRUX, premiering on 14th August. Larger-than-life action, friendship and fun are the order of the day as the mighty Dinotrux live and work – and battle! From DreamWorks Animation (Dragons: Race to the Edge), DinoTrux is the first series coming out of the DreamWorks and Netflix partnership, to feature brand new characters and a magnificent new world.
When an erupting volcano forces Ty, an enormous Tyrannosaurus Rex combined with a megaton excavator, to flee his home valley suddenly, the tough but charismatic hero finds himself charging into an unfamiliar crater full of his favourite food: ore. But the new landscape holds even more wondrous discoveries: other species of Dinotrux, a race of resourceful reptiles combined with hand tools called the Reptools, and a territorial bad guy with a nasty temper named D-Structs who lives by a very simple credo: “I don’t share.”
Using his natural geniality, enthusiasm and leadership skills, Ty begins to convince his new cratermates that they can find a way to work and live together. Joining forces with the ingenious Reptools and forging cross-species Dinotrux friendships for the first time ever in history, Ty and his new buddies go on one giant adventure after another, building a bigger and better way of life together as they go.
“Ty is creating a community,” says writer/executive producer David Kidd. “This loner, who everybody is afraid of on sight, runs into Revvit, this incredibly brave little Reptool, and the two of them strike up a friendship. That makes Ty realise different kinds of creatures can live and work together and share things.”
Adds executive in charge of production Gregg Goldin: “The story is the unlikely friendship of the biggest and the smallest, a T-Trux and a Reptool, and how their friendship changes the world.”
“Leading with jaws and claws, and making it feel really cool and adrenaline-based, has been the key,” says Goldin.
Problem-solving is a big part of daily life for the Dinotrux and Reptools. The obstacles these unlikely friends find themselves up against lead them to the great discovery that they can do cool, amazing things when they build and battle back as a team, creating a better life for everyone. “It’s a humanistic point of view,” says writer/executive producer Ron Burch. “It’s about building community, making friends, teamwork, and always trying to do the right thing.”
“They build out of a need,” says Burch, “whether it’s rescuing somebody or needing to protect their food. We try to make building the solution instead of violence.”
The first season introduces more than thirty wonderfully unique characters. For the writers, the natural world that inspires the massive world of the Dinotrux they’re creating mirrors perfectly the challenges their young audience face, from bullying and making sacrifices to taking healthy risks and finding friends.
“The rules of the Mechazoic Era are like the rules of the world – like creatures travel together in herds,” says Kidd. “And our audience lives in a family, which is kind of like their herd. Then they go to nursery, primary school and they’re always meeting different kinds of people, moving from one herd to another, and adapting to that. What do you do when you meet people who aren’t like you? What do you do when you meet people who don’t like you? You have to make it work. We realised these natural creatures were perfectly suited to that.”
“The heart of it is making sure we have loveable characters, lots of adventure and lots of laughs,” adds Goldin. “There are ingredients for everybody on the show.”
The incredible world of DINOTRUX, the brand-new Netflix original series from DreamWorks Animation, is a never-before-seen prehistoric landscape that blends the natural and the mechanical in entirely original ways.
“So much about it is new, starting with the approach to how the characters look,” says executive in charge of production Gregg Goldin, who describes the gargantuan dinosaur-vehicle hybrids as “irresistible for kids”. “We wanted to present this prehistoric world in a way that kids had never seen before.”
Using the award-winning series of books by Chris Gall as a jumping-off point, the show’s writers and animators have created the wholly original Mechazoic Era, a fantastical time ruled by Dozeratops, Ankylodumps, Craneosaurs, and fearsome T-Truxes which the designers have made “just scary enough”.
Key to the show’s startling originality and exciting action is the designers’ adherence to the rule that the tools and machines portrayed absolutely must obey the laws of physics. “We don’t cheat things,” says supervising producer Randy Dormans. “We don’t bend things. We don’t deform things. We really treat them as if they’re built out of iron and steel. They function as if they were actual mechanical creatures at all times.” To illustrate, the gruff Reptool shop foreman Waldo, whose design is based on a pipe wrench, has a body that does not hinge or bend anywhere.
“I’m constantly amazed,” says Goldin. “We’ll read a script, and the designs that come back, the imagination that the team puts into it – it’s pretty awesome.”
Tyrannosaurus Trux – Tyrannosaurus Rex + Excavator
Team leader Ty bravely battles evil D-Structs and unites the Dinotrux & Reptools together as friends
Rotilian – Lizard + Rotary Drill
Revvit, a little guy with a big brain, is a smart and funny Reptool – and Ty’s best friend
Craneosaur – Brachiosaurus + Crane
Tough, strong and sassy, Skya is a straight-talking girl who stands tall to reach all new heights
TON-TON – Ankylosaurus + Dumper Truck
Ton-Ton, a thrill-seeking daredevil, is always ready for non-stop action and loves to tear it up
DOZER – Triceratops + Bulldozer
When Dozer builds, this cranky hothead turns into a true friend with a heart as big as his blade
Stegarbasaurus – Stegosaurus + Garbage Truck
Garby can’t resist tasty rock snacks, and this mean green eating machine will blow you away
Wrenchtool – Lizard + Crescent Wrench
Ace, a grease monkey who likes getting her hands dirty, has a wild side and is always up for fun
Wrenchtool – Lizard + Pipe Wrench
The gruff and grumpy shop foreman, Waldo wants everyone to stick to the rules to finish each build
Rotilian – Lizard + Rotary Drill
Scared of almost everything, Click-Clack is bravely facing his new, adventurous way of life
Tyrannosaurus Trux – Tyrannosaurus Rex + Excavator
D-Structs, the biggest and baddest T-Trux, battles Ty and the team to protect his crater – and ore
Scraptool – Lizard + Leatherman Tool
Skrap-It, D-Structs’ loyal repairman, might be small but can turn almost anything into scrap parts