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BPW’s new generation hub – Eco Plus 3

BPW-ECO-PLUS-3-HUB-UNITThe ground-breaking development of BPW’s ECO Hub system has had a major effect on running gear technology. With over 2 million models sold, the ECO Hub offers numerous low maintenance features. The latest development, the third generation of this world-leading hub system, is ECO Plus 3, which has entered production this year.

ECO Plus 3 is based on the successful ECO Hub system with design features to include DIN ISO tapered roller bearings. These can be readily inspected, they are globally available, and can be replaced easily and inexpensively, if required, without having to fit a complete new hub.

To ensure correct fitment, the hub is designed with an integrated torque limiting axle nut. This single threaded nut follows the Formula 1 principle with the axle nut acting as a puller. It allows simple removal of the entire wheel/hub, including the brake drum and bearings, without having to remove the wheel. Brake servicing/maintenance times are therefore considerably reduced.

The new circumferential hub design, with open spokes, provides improved thermal management for the bearings and lubricant whilst the new grease seal offers optimum protection and performance. The ECO Hub comes with a five-year unlimited mileage warranty for on road applications.

Like its predecessor, ECO Plus 3 is designed specifically for the high duty cycles of modern transport operation. It’s a robust, reliable system designed for a long service life.