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New-look vehicle refinishes packaging reinforces AkzoNobel connection

AkzoNobel has introduced new-look labelling to all of its vehicle refinishing products, giving stronger emphasis to the connection of each brand with the parent company.

Jon Amor, VR Premium Sales Manager, UK & Ireland, explains, “Our Sikkens, Autocoat BT, Lesonal and Dynacoat brands each have distinctive images and qualities matched to the different bodyshop markets, but we feel that customers should also be clear that these product ranges all benefit from being formulated by a world leader in advanced coatings.”


He continues, “The AkzoNobel brand gives users extra confidence, with our products benefitting from continual investment in RD&I and our leadership in color technology and finishes. Sharing knowledge and expertise between brands and across industry sectors brings further advantages.”

While presenting AkzoNobel globally in a consistent way on all packaging, the labels have also been redesigned to reflect the individual brands and to help users in instantly recognizing each product category. Sikkens and Autocoat BT cans are characterized by geometric visuals indicating the type of product contained. For Lesonal, color coding distinguishes product types. On Dynacoat products, clear use of text is used to identify the contents. Each of the brands also has its own distinct logo, layout, color scheme and typography, designed to appeal to its own sector.

The new look also corresponds with the latest hazard labelling compliant with the United Nations’ new global standards. The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS for short) aims to provide a single, easily understood system for classifying and communicating hazards.

Welcoming the range of packaging designs, Jon says, “We are proud of our achievement in creating vehicle refinishing brands that meet the particular needs of every bodyshop market. The new look of each brand’s labelling should strengthen the connection with its customers but at the same time remind them that they are buying AkzoNobel quality and technology.”