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New device helps lone workers

Matrix Telematics has launched a pocket-sized device that uses the latest GPS and sensor technology to help employees working alone stay safe.

Matrix telematics
According to Matrix Telematics, recent statistics have put the number of lone workers attacked each day at around 150. LoneWorker delivers real-time tracking, allowing organisations to monitor movements of their staff and provide both parties with security protection.

The device detects unnatural behaviour or a lack of motion to raise a warning alert. Alternatively, employees can activate an emergency button and open up a two-way conversation with head office if they fear for their safety.

LoneWorker is also designed to help organisations measure productivity and improve customer service. Enabling staff to record where and when jobs take place, the device can automate a company’s timekeeping and billing processes.

Managing Director Geoff Ball said, “The definition of a lone worker has changed dramatically. From social workers to delivery drivers, postmen to pest control; lone workers make up almost a quarter of the UK’s working population, but the nature of their job leaves them open to a unique set of risks that employers need to be aware of.

“While most lone workers will hopefully never experience any problems, to have the peace of mind that there’s someone just at the other end of the line should they need it is a reassurance for employees and a sensible precaution for employers to take.”