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FTA Ireland calls on government to scrap road tax

The Freight Transport Association of Ireland has called on the Government to scrap commercial vehicle motor tax in favour of a road charging system payable by all in its pre-Budget submission sent to the Minister today.
FTA Ireland says Finance Minister Michael Noonan must recognise the importance of transport and logistics to Ireland’s export sector and introduce a fair road tax system.   The Association says he also needs to address the low rates of pay at which the marginal tax rate and the 7% USC charge kick in, which are a disincentive for employees to work overtime and take promotion.
FTA Ireland’s submission is based on observations from its members on the priorities for government revenue raising and spending in the years ahead.  The Association was established in 2010 and now represents more than 200 employers in the freight, passenger, parcel, pallet and energy sectors.
Other representations made by FTA Ireland on behalf of its members are:
With the fourth highest minimum wage in the EU, Minister Noonan has no cause to raise ours, and would damage our competitiveness by doing so

Ireland’s competitiveness, improving since 2011, took a dip this year. Ireland needs to improve it

The Minister needs to address areas which discourage people from returning to work after unemployment. Where necessary, this should involve continuing social supports to the lower paid

Ireland needs to stop discouraging risk-taking. The self-employed should have access to the social welfare safety net, or they should be exempt from contributing towards it

The Minister should introduce measures to encourage the use of low-carbon and carbon-neutral fuels in the transport sector

The Minister should not introduce a ‘give-away’ budget just as the economy improves. This would represent a return to the budgetary practices that got us into such a mess in the first place. Borrowing money to fund pay increases to the civil service is simply taking money from our children to enrich ourselves